Bike manufacturer’s are about to run out of names for the category of bike that is somewhere between “Comfort” and “Performance”.  At the extreme end of the “Comfort” scale, you have cruisers.  Sit upright on a fat saddle with handlebars that reach out to meet you and just pedal along.  Cruise.  No hurry, no competition, no major hills.  Take in the scenery.  Make eye contact.  Look cool.

At the extreme end of performance, you have road bikes and mountain bikes.  Go long, go hard, go fast.  Push the limits of your body and your machine.  Try not to break either one.So… somewhere in between, we have “Fat”, “City”, “Urban”, “Multi-Use”, “Hybrid”, “Fitness”, etc.  We even have one that makes you laugh… the “Turbo”.

Come to High Desert Bikes and tell us about your dream machine.

We’ll help you pick it out and make sure it fits, and you can name it anything you want.