Enjoy fun, relaxing rides with the family? Want to cruise your local park or just have a way to easily get around town? Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon now that you’re retired? A comfort cruiser bicycle may be just for you!

We feature a good selection of Electra bikes, famous for their ‘flat footed’ design, as well as such a wide selection of models and styles they literally become a fashion accessory.  Come in and browse our store AND our catalog!

Comfort cruiser bicycles are designed with recreational biking in mind. They can handle the light bumps of a gentle trail or be easily used on pavement. While not suited to the rigors of mountain biking or the duration of distance biking, comfort cruiser bicycles are a great all-around bike for everyday enjoyment.

If you’re seeking to slowly get back into cycling or just want a trusty bike for family bike rides, High Desert Bicycles can help you find the bike that best suits your needs. We are committed to helping individuals like you get as much enjoyment out of cycling as possible. That’s why we take the time to help you understand the unique aspects of the bikes you are considering so that you can choose a bike that meets your needs.

We’ll also make sure you choose a bike that’s going to be comfortable for years to come. Using the latest technology in fitting bicycles to riders, our experts will make sure you have a bike that properly fits.

As a low-impact activity, cycling is something you can do at all stages of life. Whether you’re a senior looking for a bicycle accessory to make your ride safer or a parent wanting to get your family involved in a fun activity you can all share, High Desert Bicycles is here for you!

Contact us or stop by either our Albuquerque or Rio Rancho bicycle shop to learn more about our comfort cruiser bicycles today!