6624 Caminito Coors NW                    505-896-4700

Over the years, we have continued to refine and fine tune the High Desert Bicycles Experience, as the community began to express brand preferences and help us identify the strongest areas of interest in terms of riding style, price range, and service needs, and moving our original Rio Rancho store to this new location represents a major milestone.

We really appreciate our growing team of customers, who recommend us to their friends, rely on our expert technicians for service, shop our outstanding selection of accessories and supplies for even better riding experiences, and think of us first when they are ready to upgrade their equipment as their riding skills and ambitions advance.

Stop by for a visit, especially if it’s really been a long time since you got a new bike.  Our staff has a lot of answers, but even more importantly, can help you figure out what questions to ask!  Everybody knows that bike riding is enjoyed by people of all ages, that it’s fun, that it’s great exercise.  But not everybody knows that selecting the right bike is such a big deal.  So people go to a ‘big box’ store, look for a brand name they have heard of in a color they like, spend as little hard-earned money as they can, and try bike riding to see if they like it.

But if the bike isn’t very comfortable, if it isn’t assembled and set up properly, if it’s the wrong size…. well, it’s not going to be as much fun as they thought it would be, and will likely end up gathering dust in the garage until it has to make room for the next noble intention in healthy exercise.

Do yourself a big favor.  Buy a bike that you will like.  Do your homework.  And it’s OK to get help with your homework.

Come to High Desert Bicycles on Caminito Coors NW.  Tutors on duty.